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The Prize for May 2014 is a… 3.5 inches Padded Garment Black/Beige GEG35-15-3

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Please give us your feedback on our products.

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Lucky Draw Rules

  • Duration: the lucky draw is held every month, starting from November 2013.
  • Eligibility: all DSL Customers who bought one or more products, and completed the survey providing a valid serial number, email address and consent to be contacted. If you don’t have the serial number, please contact us (
  • More products the Customer owns, more serial numbers to register = more winning opportunities: Once the Customer is enrolled, will participate to all the following months Lucky Draws!
  • Notification of Winners: we will contact the winner by email to confirm a shipping address. The lucky draw winner name (a name filled in the survey form) and location of country will be published on our Website/Facebook/Twitter. The price will be shipped free of charge.